International Erosion Control Association: Merit Award for Environmental Excellence


Sediment Retention Pond

BBO was engaged by Meridian Energy Ltd to provide engineering and environmental input into the design and construction of the Mill Creek Windfarn near Wellington.  Construction of the windfarm required major earthworks through challenging hill country terrain with unique environmental values, and road upgrade works through a sensitive community to provide access to the 26 wind turbines and supporting infrastructure.

BBO was responsible for the preparation of all environmental management plans for the project including the detailed erosion and sediment controls plans which guided how potential  sediment runoff from the large scale earthworks areas would be managed to prevent any adverse effects upon water quality and aquatic ecology.  Additionally, BBO was involved on site during construction to provide advice to Meridian and their contractor on the implementation and management of these erosion and sediment control measures.  This resulted in these environmental management plans being implemented during the windfarm construction phase to successfully manage the potential environmental effects of the project and maintain compliance with the resource consents throughout the project.

In 2014 Meridian Energy and BBO were jointly awarded a merit award from the International Erosion  Control Association (IECA) for excellence and innovation in the erosion and sediment control industry for the work undertaken on the Mill Creek Windfarm construction project.  Winning the arward acknowledged BBO's skill and experience and the significant efforts made to sucessfully design and implement best practice erosion and sediment management measures on a steep hill control site with a high risk of adverse environmental effects.

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