Livestock Improvement Corporation Ltd (LIC) Car Parking Facilities

LIC is one of New Zealand's oldest and most trusted farming co-operatives.  BBO have worked alongside LIC in the expansion and redevelopment of both their Newstead and Riverlea sites on a number of occasions over the past five years.

BBO were asked to look into options for expanding the car parking facilities at the LIC Newstead site.  The project involved creating approximately 100 additional carparks within their already compact site.

As a result, the existing stormwater pond was removed and replaced with large underground attenuation chambers designed to service the stormwater runoff from the entire site.  BBO conducted a detailed stormwater analysis of the site in order to understand the expected runoff flows and volume from site.

In addition to the main car park being expanded, two other car parks around the campus were expanded.

BBO both designed and supervised the construction of this project.  In the end, the contract came in below budget and was completed within the expected time to the satisfaction of the client.

LIC Carpark 2015-08-20 14.24.36 P2

Excavation in preparation for underground attenuation chambers

LIC Carpark No 2 2015-08-26 09.31.51

Attenuation chamers - Capable of storing upward of 750m3 of stormwater runoff

Completed Car Park (above attenuation chambers)