Temple View

Temple View is a small community of approximately 1,400 people located approximately 1.7 km south-west of Hamilton City, established by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the 1950s. Temple View is centred around the New Zealand Temple and the Church College of New Zealand. Church College closed at the end of 2009 and the Church has been considering redevelopment options for the former school site and its surrounding land ever since.

BBO were engaged in early 2012 to provide planning, surveying, structural and civil engineering services to the Church. BBO’s planning team has worked closely with the Church to procure consents for the removal of a number of former school buildings, a new multi-congregational church building, several subdivisions, the complete redesign of Tuhikaramea Road within the village, the rehabilitation of several contaminated sites within the school campus along with regional consents for all of these projects. BBO has provided overall project management services for the Church and managed consultation with the community, Council staff, key stakeholders and local tangata whenua. BBO has also been actively engaged on behalf of the Church in the Hamilton City Council Proposed District Plan process to secure an appropriate planning framework in Temple View.

BBO’s civil and transportation engineers have undertaken all road design work, the replacement of all existing underground infrastructure and design of retaining walls. BBO’s surveying team has provided topographic and cadastral surveying services for all aspects of the project including construction oversight for the various subdivisions now underway.

Construction work has now commenced on several fronts with a number of the existing buildings being removed to make way for new development. Significant construction is expected to commence in late 2014 for the large church building foundations.

"They are an organization totally committed to our goals and objectives.  They are sensitive to our complex hierarchical structure and our values.  They seem to give everything and more to our cause.  We rely on them 100% and have every trust in their advice and the delivery of their services." View full testimonial here

 Paul Coward, Project Director & Don White, Project Manager - LDS


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