Braemar Hospital

BBO was successful in obtaining RMA consents for Braemar Hospital in December 2006 which allowed relocation of the hospital from its former Tainui Street site, to Ohaupo Road in 2009. The hospital is now one of the largest private hospitals in New Zealand offering a comprehensive range of specialist services and is undertaking further expansion under a comprehensive master plan.

The challenge

BBO was engaged to obtain RMA consents for the construction and operation of Braemar Hospital on Ohaupo Road in 2006, to allow for the relocation of the hospital from its site in Tainui Street. This became the first of multiple, staged developments as part of an overall master plan for the site, all of which triggered consent requirements.

Obtaining consent for Stages 1 and 2 of Braemar Hospital presented multiple challenges due to the site’s interface with two State Highways and with adjoining Residential Zones. The combination of staffing levels and visitor numbers means that hospitals are potentially significant trip generators. This had implications for access onto the Braemar site via busy arterial roads, as well as challenges for on-site parking. The challenge faced by the Braemar site was compounded by the fact that the adjacent SH1 / SH3 intersection was at capacity and that an intersection upgrade and alteration to designation were being planned by the NZ Transport Agency. BBO prepared an Integrated Transport Assessment to support the RMA consent process and consulted closely with Hamilton City Council and the Transport Agency to demonstrate that traffic effects could be appropriately managed. Traffic noise and vibration were also key issues as the operating theatres needed to be quiet and free of any vibration that could affect sensitive equipment. The residential interface had the potential to cause noise and disturbance for the residential neighbours.

BBO obtained further RMA consents for an associated medical service building in 2008, and a staged hospital extension in 2011. The client required increased capacity for patient beds and additional theatre facilities, both of which had implications for trip generation and parking. Again, BBO provided planning and traffic expertise liaising closely with the NZ Transport Agency to enable rationalised accesses and beneficial outcomes. Stages 2 and 3 of the extension, were consented in 2011 and re-consented in 2017 following additional changes to the master plan.


The outcome

BBO managed the risk of conflict with residential neighbours by successfully undertaking pre-lodgement consultation with affected neighbours and obtaining written approvals from all affected parties. The combination of avoiding or mitigating adverse effects through fencing, landscaping, and building design allowed written approvals to be obtained and meant that the Braemar applications were able to be processed non-notified. Hamilton City Council issued the first RMA consent in December 2006. The subsequent multiple consents were managed through maintaining an overall master plan for the site and working closely with the project architects to keep it up to date and flexible. The site is now one of the first ‘green’ hospitals to be designed and built in New Zealand and is one of the largest private hospitals in New Zealand, offering a comprehensive range of specialist services.

BBO Braemar 195 OUTCOME
BBO Braemar 180

Braemar carpark and access onto Ohaupo Road

BBO Braemar 183

Controlled access onto Ohaupo Road

BBO Braemar 191

Carparking arrangement with built form behind

BBO Braemar 195

Braemar Hospital entrance and carpark interface