Traffic Engineering

The traffic and transportation engineering department within BBO has the ability to provide all elements within the traffic engineering profession, including:

  • Traffic design advice for access, car parking, circulation, and traffic management;
  • Traffic Impact Assessments (TIA);
  • Integrated Transport Assessments (ITA);
  • Intersection capacity models using industry recognized software packages SIDRA, LINSIG, and PTV VISSIM;
  • Walking and Cycling Strategies;
  • Intersection design including networks of signalized intersections, roundabouts and Stop or Give Way controlled intersections;
  • Peer Review of TIAs, ITAs and traffic models;
  • Traffic Safety Audits;
  • Temporary Traffic Management Plans; and
  • Traffic count surveys.

PTV VISSIM is a detailed traffic simulation software, developed to accurately model all modes of transport (i.e. light and heavy vehicles, walking, cycling and public transport bus and rail), separately and in shared use environments.  It is highly valuable for visually demonstrating traffic behavior in complex scenarios including the effects of queues, lane changing, weaving and merging.  This is an internationally recognized traffic and pedestrian simulation software developed in Germany and is used extensively throughout Europe, the UK, Asia-Pacific and Americas.  In New Zealand, BBO find it valuable for:

  • Demonstrating network wide transport effects to clients and road controlling authorities;
  • Road upgrade option testing and performance comparisons;
  • Public consultation;
  • Resource consent hearings;
  • Council presentations; and
  • Detailed capacity and performance analysis to support information in Integrated Transport Assessment (ITA) reports.

Two recent examples by BBO of the use of VISSIM in a busy shopping centre environment can be viewed from the links below:

The Base, Signalised Pedestrian Crossing - Video 1

The Base, Signalised Pedestrian Crossing - Video 2

BBO’s traffic engineers work closely with our planners, and civil and highway engineering teams to create one seamless “one-stop-shop” for all project phases, from consenting through to design and construction.

For any Traffic Engineering related enquiries, please contact Cameron Inder.

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