Gustaaf Kikkert

Senior Water Resource Engineer


Gustaaf joined BBO in March 2020 as a Water Resource Engineer. He has spent 15 years in academia achieving a PhD from Canterbury University (NZ), a postdoc from the University of Aberdeen (Scotland), and a Professorship from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. 

Since 2017 Gustaaf has worked as a Professional Engineer in the field of water resources. He applies his detailed understanding of fluid dynamics and fluid flow modelling with his practical experience in 3-waters network and flood analysis, to support and enhance the outcomes of the Water Resource Engineering team at BBO.

Major projects that Gustaaf has worked on during his time at BBO include: Takitimu North Link Stage 1 - Principal’s Advisor for stormwater and the implementation of the Principal’s supplied design; Takitimu North Link Stage 2 - optioneering and stormwater specimen design for consenting; and Waitara to Bell Block as stormwater lead.

BBO P 0532