Titanium Park

In 2004, it was identified that 117ha of land surrounding Hamilton Airport, was not needed for the direct operational requirements of the Airport. BBO consequently assisted the Waikato Regional Airport Ltd, McConnell Property, and Titanium Park Ltd to achieve the rezoning and subsequent development of Titanium Park - a high-quality business park located adjacent to Hamilton Airport.

2018 01 17 11.28.35 CHALLENGE

Extension of Ossie James Drive in construction

IMG 1478

Construction activities at Ossie James Drive extension

2018 04 18 15.42.58 HDR C

Fresh asphalt on Ossie James Drive extension

Titanium Park 087

Sharpe Road

IMG 2798

John Spencer Way/SH21 intersection construction

IMG 2829

John Spencer Way/SH21 intersection construction as viewed from SH21

IMG 4503

John Spencer Way post construction

BBO P1 160

Site deliberation as to how to build the Southern Precinct footpath extension

2018 04 23 13.03.40 OUTCOME

Extension of Ossie James Drive post construction

The challenge

BBO has been an integral player in the development of Titanium Park. The first step in 2007, was rezoning the surrounding land at Hamilton Airport to an Airport Business Zone in the Waipa District Plan, with a supporting Structure Plan. The Structure Plan sets out how and where development was to occur, its infrastructure requirements, and Titanium Park’s key connections to the local transportation network.

The success of the Plan Change was founded on BBO demonstrating that there was a need for additional business land in the Waikato Region and that safe and efficient connections could be established with the adjacent local and State Highway roading network. A further challenge to BBO and the client, was how best to service the land cost-effectively based on its relatively isolated position, and incremental demand uptake.

The outcome

Titanium Park has been developed to respond to market demands and provides for both temporary and permanent infrastructure arrangements. To achieve this, some areas of Titanium Park already have wastewater connections in place for a future treatment plant, whereas other areas of the business park rely on on-site disposal. 

Multiple resource consents have subsequently been obtained from Waipa District Council and the Waikato Regional Council for development, earthworks, and an on-site wastewater treatment plant.  The subdivision consents obtained have enabled the client to respond to the market by creating flexibility which enabled lot sizes and shapes to be modified up to titles being issued. 

The successful outcome of this project has been embodied by a strong integrated design approach which included consenting, legal survey, roading and intersection connections, earthworks and both temporary and permanent infrastructure design.